Mentor with Purpose

Mentoring is a hugely important part of what we do.

The opportunity to be supported by someone with a specialist knowledge of a skill, sector or neurodiverse condition can make a significant positive difference to both our wellbeing and employment.


1) Share your skills

Don’t let the stereotypes fool you, our neurodiverse members aren’t limited to one industry or one skill set. Whatever your role, you can be helpful.

We’re passionate about mentoring being a part of everyone’s experience at work and would be delighted to have you on board as part of our cohort of mentors.

The commitment to be one of our mentors is flexible and could be from weekly to 2 hours a month.


2) Make a positive difference

“The mentoring has taught me a lot and motivated me to apply for more work whilst giving me new skills” - Alannah, Neurodiverse Member of our Trial Space in 2018.


3) Learn about neurodiversity

Before you become a Place with Purpose mentor, we provide training on neurodiversity and how you may best support one of our members as their mentor.

More than that though, by building a working relationship with your mentee, it is an opportunity for you to see beyond any condition and support them as they progress their career.

Contact us below to start your journey as one of our mentors

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