Co-working spaces for the neurodiverse.

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Place with Purpose - Desk

Our Mission

At least 6,000,000 of us are neurodiverse in the UK yet our processes and offices have been built to disable, not enable.

We’re on a mission at Place with Purpose to change just that.


What We Do

We design, create and manage workspaces that support neurodiverse people. Here’s how we do it:


Controlled Workspace

Thoughtfully designed workspace environments for our neurodiverse members to navigate both the space and the working day. 

Ultimately, it’s about giving our members control over their space and support navigating it.

Specialist Mentoring - Place with Purpose

Specialist Mentoring

We’re passionate about connecting members with specialist support (in sector, skills or condition).

Tailored Resources - Place with Purpose

Tailored Resources

Beyond the physical environment of our workspaces, we aim to provide the most supportive resources we can for our members.

This includes noise cancelling headphones, sensory aids to the use of a quiet pod to transition during the day.

NEU Spaces - Place with Purpose

NEU Spaces

NEU Spaces™ is what we call them. Our workspaces designed specifically with neurodiversity in mind.

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“The working spaces are perfect for those of us who suffer from sensory overload. It is the kind of workspace I love to work in.”

Member of our London Trial Space.


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